Slendertone ~ A New Way To Get Flat Abdominal


This new abdominal toning belt can give you the abdominal that you have been dreaming about. Just wrap the Slendertone around your waist feel the abdominal muscles work for you. The Slendertone contracts your muscle at a comfortable way.
No Time To Exercise in the Gym?
Finding it Hard to Get to the Gym Regularly?
Use SLENDERTONE 5 times per week at home to see significant results in 4-8 weeks. To get the most from your SLENDERTONE FLEX you should use it in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise. Don’t wait, give yourself a firm and flatters abs with this amazing toning belt now!

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Benefits Slendertone
  • Get strong, firm, toned abs
  • Effective ab workout at home
  • Improves the health of the respiratory system
How does the Slendertone work?
Slendertone gives your muscle strong, deep, comfortable contractions. It stimulates the body’s natural muscle movements by sending signals between the pads. It is designed to stimulate muscle motor nerves. The electrical signals sent to the muscles allow for relaxation and muscles and nerves to happen

This abdominal toning belt works as an electrical muscle stimulator. Slendertone is based on the Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) technology. It works like those muscle stimulators a physiotherapist would use to treat you for muscle strains.

Slimming Tip Today with Slendertone
This trendy/sleek skirt design allows you tone in comfort at your home! Don't just work hard, but work smart.

Slendertone can help you build a strong foundation for any exercise program. You know how hard it is to motivate yourself going to the gym regularly. It's even more diffiucult when you have a busy schedule.

大都会彩票网址Now, with SLENDERTONE, you can build firmer, stronger abs anytime and anywhere. It's portable and easy to use. Use this Slendertone while watching TV or reading your book.



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